Why PlaySmart Playgrounds?

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Why choose a PlaySmart? Simply stated, PlaySmart is the best playground to buy because YOUR customers will like it better, which means they will enjoy their visit to your facility more, will return more often and you will make more money. It doesn’t matter whether you are purchasing a playground as a free attraction or to add another source of revenue, the “job” of a soft playground is to attract families to your facility. This “job” IS NOT just to get customers in the door once, but rather to compel them to visit again and again. This is a common misconception among many playground buyers. They feel that the playground is just eye candy that entices people to visit their facility and at that point their other attractions or real focus of business will take over and be the reason that the customers return. While this is often the case it represents a terrible waste of capital and space to get so little from your play system investment. The playground can and should be a compelling reason why customers want to return to your facility.

Customer service is a cornerstone of all business but especially for those businesses in the leisure/entertainment industry. A very simple definition of customer service would be “giving the customer what they want”. Most of us realize that this means we must have courteous staff trained to meet the requirements of our customers. We carefully pick the décor, menu items, game selection and even redemption stock to specifically be what the customer wants, because we know that giving the customer what they want will have a direct impact on the success of our business.

It is an amazement that many people will pay a great deal of attention to the ingredients of their pizza but give very little thought to the ingredients of their playground. They choose their playground supplier because the playground looks neat or because they liked the salesman or any number of reasons other than asking the most important question of all: Will my customers like this best? Any answer other than yes means that your facility will not attract as many customers as it could have.

So when it comes to playgrounds, who are your customers, the parents that pay the admissions or the children that play? The answer is both, and both DO need to be strongly attracted to your playground if you want to maximize the performance of your investment.

Pleasing young children is reasonably easy to achieve because the world is new to them and they like almost anything that provides them an opportunity to play. Competing for their business is not. Today there are playgrounds, community centers, movie theaters, soccer practice, dance lessons, etc. that are all competing for a child’s time. Parents are looking at these same options, realizing that they can’t participate in all of them, and choosing the best combinations of entertainment, recreation, learning and leisure. The extent to which your playground covers the most needs will determine how often those customers return to your facility.

PlaySmart is the clear industry leader when it comes to the playground that children like the best, parents appreciate the most, and is the most likely to generate repeat business, and we can prove it. All you have to do is to take children to one of our playgrounds, watch them play and then listen to what they have to say. Children know the difference. As an adult you will see first hand how PlaySmart’s high visibility, soft surfaces and easy access make you feel comfortable that your child is safe and having a good time. You will also see a clear difference in the level of recreation and social interaction that PlaySmart playgrounds provide as compared to other playground alternatives.

More specific details of PlaySmart’s unique design and performance qualities can be found in other sections of our web site. Please read on or feel free to give us a call. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you in whatever manner possible.

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