PlaySmart Playground Play-Elements

Mix and match to fit your playground needs

Each playground is composed of individual Events that allow children to play interactively with each other, and children benefit from a healthy dose of exercise as well! Please browse our library of Events for more detailed descriptions and photos of Playsmart Events. If you would like to provide us with more detailed information about your project please visit our Quote page and fill out the customer information form we have provided. Click on any green link to open the PDF file containing a printable image and playground Events List.

Playsmart Event Elements

Pic 04

Bungee Wall

Pic 018

Cave Climb

Pic 029

Challenge Path

Pic 036

Challenge Path Arch

Pic 037

Double Slide

Pic 056

Dragon's Lair

Pic 057

Elastic Tunnel

Pic 058

Frog Hop

Pic 059

Kangaroo Room

Pic 060

Magic Carpet

Pic 061

Monkey Rings

Pic 062

Pull Swing

Pic 063

Rodeo Rider

Pic 064

Roly-Poly Room

Pic 065


Pic 066

Spiral Stairs

Pic 067

Spiral Web Climb

Pic 068

Squeeze Play

Pic 070

Stalagbag Arch

Pic 072

Stalagbag Crawl

Pic 074

Stand and Spin

Pic 075

Wavy Web

Pic 076

Web Elevator

Pic 077

Web Mountain

Pic 0

Web Ramps

Pic 0

Web Tower

Pic 0

Zip Line

Custom Playground Designs Available