About PlaySmart Playgrounds

Proudly American Made - Family Owned

PLAYSMART is a family owned business founded on very simple principles: do the best job you can, emphasize quality, and always be honest and fair to the customer. This is a strategy that has worked well as PlaySmart is now getting a majority of new unit sales from customer referrals.

Founded in July 1993, PlaySmart set out to improve on what we saw as deficiencies in the soft playground industry. Playground buyers were not playground experts. They could not look at a playground and determine whether or not the Event placement was going to facilitate the best play opportunities for the children. They could not analyze optimal traffic flow patterns and did not realize which play attractions were good performers and which play attractions had just been plugged in because they were inexpensive to make. Playground buyers did not understand when repetition of the same kind of play activity would reduce the overall appeal of their playground, and they did not realize that materials were being selected for their cost rather than for their performance.

PlaySmart was founded to address these issues. PlaySmart created their Patented Tensioned Web Flooring System because cargo nets made uncomfortable floors and foam covered platforms wore out too quickly. PlaySmart created a diverse inventory of play attractions because repeating the same play attractions over and over again was just wasting the buyer’s money. PlaySmart focused on the climbing, bouncing, exploring, sliding, and playing games together that children really wanted to do rather than focusing on flashy looks that attract an adults eye. PlaySmart recognized that off the shelf playgrounds were not addressing the specific needs of the buyers so we committed ourselves to developing the ability to create custom designs.

PlaySmart did not set out to create a totally unique style of playground; it just worked out that way. As we studied the way children played and interacted with playgrounds it became clear that wide open web floors were better than plastic tubes, and Play Events were better than trails. Over time PlaySmart has learned what materials perform the best and how to design with architectural flair.

Since day one, PlaySmart has been completely dedicated to building the very best playground equipment possible. PlaySmart has resisted industry trends such as themed design and heavy use of rotationally molded plastics because we do not believe that they enhance the play experience for children. These are adult concepts that appeal to adults. PlaySmart is, always has been, and always will be, focused on creating playgrounds for children.

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