Survival by Design of "For Profit" Playgrounds

Proudly American Made - Family Owned

Have you ever wondered why crocodiles have been around since prehistoric times and many other species have disappeared? Simply stated, they have stood the test of time because they have a design that works. Crocodiles have survived because they have a design that allows them to adapt to changing environments, defend against predators, and get enough to eat. Similarly, survival for a playground means being able to continually attract and entertain children, maintain public image, and be cost effective to keep in operation.

For a playground to stand the test of time it too has to be well designed also. Many people assume that designing a playground is just a matter of putting a set of predesigned building blocks such as floors, ramps, and play events together in a way that fits the space. That is no truer than to say that it doesn't matter how the building blocks of an automobile, or house or entertainment center go together, or what materials go into those building blocks. How Events are arraigned in a playground, what activities they allow, and what those Events are made of have a major impact on the effectiveness of the playground and thus on its profitability and longevity.

Our design philosophy has always been to keep kids entertained while going from point A to point B in our play structures. We have about 30 different events to accomplish this. We don't do much with theming as this can detract from the visibility that we create and is equally high in cost.

The best way to experience a PlaySmart Playground is to find the nearest one to your location and go visit in person, and take a good look at what we do.

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